Drone shot of beach in Grenada


Nutmeg-tinged air and azure seas that sparkle like sequins under an unadulterated sun: Grenada, the southernmost island in the Grenadines island chain, is heaven on earth for those who love a bit of sun, sand, and adventure. Although most tourists spend their time on the glorious beaches located in the southwest of the main island, the entire country is full of idyllic-looking waterfalls, phenomenal little shacks serving up Caribbean supper, and wildlife that you’ll have only seen in magazines.
Being surrounded by (mostly) calm seas means the Caribbean island is also perfect for water sports lovers of all abilities, and the warm water means if you aren’t the most naturally talented then falling into the sea won’t be too much of an issue. The crystal-clear, temperate waters also make it a great spot for diving and snorkelling, as you’re able to see schools of fluorescent fish and some stunning coral with ease. After a day of activities on the island, there’s plenty to do in the evening too – Grenadians are laid-back and they love their fun and their rum, and are always more than happy to share.

breakfast with sea view in grenada

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Grenada

For a main island you can drive around in under two hours, Grenada punches well above its weight when it comes to great dining options. There’s a cornucopia of local delights made in all sorts of places, from high-end glinting-steel kitchens to a dilapidated wooden shack that’s flanked by chickens and grandpas drinking rum.

pristine turquoise waters at grand anse beach

The secrets of Grenada’s best beaches and bays 

Frankly, Grenada beaches are perfection – and we truly mean that. The endless miles of idyllic coastline that ensconce the two large islands that make up the nation vary from gorgeous, fine, soft white sand, to Icelandic-looking black sand beaches that look as cool in real life as they do on Instagram. And then there’s the desert islands…

snorkelling at grenada underwater sculpture park

Spotlight on: Diving in Grenada

The only thing better than frolicking in the calm Grenadian sea is snorkelling or scuba diving so you can experience the full majesty of the marine life under the surface. While there are plenty of places to snorkel and dive in Grenada, there’s no doubt some spots are better than others when it comes to astounding scenery and once-in-a-life-time chances to spot certain wildlife.  

drinking rum in grenada

A rum lover’s guide to Grenada

People from Grenada have plenty to be proud of when it comes to titillating the tastebuds with their local fares, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone on the Caribbean island who isn’t ready to wax lyrical about the incredible properties of their local rum. The country has a long history of producing this drink, which has an intrinsic link with the slavery of the past thanks to its reliance on sugarcane. Nowadays, though, the industry is mostly run by Grenadians, for Grenadians – and they’re ready to share their drinks with the world.

view of secluded waterfall in grenada

The top 11 things to do in Grenada 

Although a relatively small and new country, Grenada is packed full of things to do. The island nation isn’t just about lazy beach days and evening rum cocktails, but has plenty of cultural and historical sights to go along with idyllic stretches of coast and stunning waterfalls. In fact, when it comes to things to do in Grenada, there’s almost too much to try and see. Luckily, we’ve managed to do something other than liming during our time on this paradise, so if you’re looking for activity ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Read ahead for our favourite things to do in Grenada.