Tee off on Abu Dhabi’s best golf courses

If it’s golf you want, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Abu Dhabi. Immaculate courses, luxurious resorts and year-round sunshine make it a damn good choice for some quality tee time – it’s no wonder the city has played host to some of the sport’s most prestigious events. Once you’ve finished on the course you’ll probably want to refuel at a nice food spot or maybe enjoy some beach time. Well, good news – Abu Dhabi isn’t short of those either.

The best of Abu Dhabi’s nightlife

Think there’s nothing to do in Abu Dhabi when the sun goes down? Think again. The city may not be quite as lively as super-flashy neighbour Dubai, but it still has plenty of options for a decent night out.

As with its dining scene, Abu Dhabi nightlife mainly revolves around hotel bars and clubs. Discard the images of sterile lounges playing elevator music to one side though. The scene here is decidedly lively and things can get pretty raucous. With purse-friendly happy hours, weekly parties and ladies’ nights galore, the UAE’s capital knows how to host a night out.

A taste of the good life: brunch in Abu Dhabi

When you think of brunch, what do you think of? Avocado on toast or eggs Benedict, right? Well in Abu Dhabi, brunch is done a little differently around here. From steak to sushi and curry to pasta, it’s fair to say an Abu Dhabi brunch is like no other. Here the afternoon meal is far from a quick bite after the gym. It’s a grand feast – often served buffet style, complete with free-flowing drinks – that will leave you feeling like Henry VIII. It’s a bit of a mystery how it all began, possibly it was brought over by western expats and then given the flashy Abu Dhabi treatment. As the first day of the UAE weekend, Friday is the best day to catch a slice of the action; particularly if you want one of the boozy options.


Whether you’re in town for Barcelona’s impressive structures – Sagrada Familia or Camp Nou, you’ll want to pop by some of the city’s other memorable sights too. Here, we could start listing Gothic architecture, Roman walls and some sort of UNESCO World Heritage rundown. But you’re too Google-savvy for that. No, we’ll point you towards achingly cool coffee shops or Barcelona tattoo artists that can do incredible things with ink. Because this is the stuff that makes or breaks, well… a city break. Antoni Gaudi may well have littered Barcelona with some showstopping landmarks – but if your baristas can’t rustle up a more than passable espresso, we’re just not interested.

Relaxed in Barca: Barcelona’s best spas

If you’ve ever whisked yourself off for a rejuvenating city break and returned home wearier than ever, you’re not alone. The pressure to see EVERY must see is immense. The secret fix? Setting time aside to just chill. And yes, a massage in Barcelona is going to come with a little FOMO – but you haven’t seen the spas yet. Elegance and luxury, quirky, eco-friendly and even a plant-based option appears on our list.


Things to do in Abu Dhabi with kids

Abu Dhabi is probably best known for its skyscrapers and luxury resorts, so how does that work for a family holiday? Baby mani-pedis? Sliding down the Etihad Towers? Your six-year-old probably isn’t begging for a spa day, but don’t worry – if you’re wondering what to do in Abu Dhabi with kids you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised. Youngsters visiting the city will find there are actually lots for them to do; things that won’t just keep them busy, but give them some really special lifelong memories.